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Tu Jo Jaan Sake

Khamosh rehte hai ham par bahut kuch kehti hai ye nigahe waqt ke is daur me thora preshan hai na jane kitne lafz hai jo bolti hai nigahen padh na tumne kabhi na kabhi koshish ki jane kitni dafa tujhe kuch kehti hai nigahen Hai dil me dard hazar agar tu jo jaan sake par… Read More »

Who says that this is always the effect

Who says that this is always the effect of fellowship Thorns and flowers are always together Thorns did not smell like flowers until today ~: कौन कहता है ये कि हमेशा संगती का असर होता है कांटे और फूल का हमेशा साथ होता है पर काँटों को आज तक फूलों जैसा महकना नहीं आया :~

successful return of my tech blog

after 7-8 days my blog is live now again for user visit and getting coding hints. Sorry user for interrupt due to some technical issue on PHPCluster. Now you can get latest our latest update on your mail. Subscribe for newsletter. Enjoy blogging . Visit for latest update. You can also visit our entertaining site… Read More »

Dealing with New Framework

As a web programmer just dealing with New framework which is lengthy to configure and time taking. Mostly framework configuration are lengthy and complex but working on it is easy. Enjoying Laravel Framework something new with different configuration as usual in the life of programmer.  

Vikash Kumar Singh

Vikash Kumar Singh is founder of PHPCluster.He is passionate for web programming and blogging. He love to write new article on programming and share with tech lover. [edsanimate_start entry_animation_type= “flash” entry_delay= “1” entry_duration= “0.5” entry_timing= “linear” exit_animation_type= “fadeOutLeftBig” exit_delay= “0” exit_duration= “0.5” exit_timing= “cubic-bezier(0.55, 0.055, 0.675, 0.19)” animation_repeat= “infinite” keep= “yes” animate_on= “load” scroll_offset= “”… Read More »